Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini Haul....and breaking news...haha =D

Today was an awesome day!!  I enrolled in cosmetology school!!!  Woohoo!!  I start June 14th!  I am so excited!  This is something that I've wanted to do for so long but I just didn't know if I could make it work with having a daughter and working, etc.  I wasn't sure how I would be able to do it all.  I decided to just go for it.  Thank goodness that I have an amazing supportive boyfriend who is just as excited for me as I am!  He gave me the little nudge that I needed to go after my passion in life.  I just feel like I can do anything with him by my side....he brings out the best in me!  <3 

Okay...enough mushy stuff haha!!  SO, I'm going to attend school at the Paul Mitchell Academy.  I went in to tour the school today.  When I walked in...I felt at ease...everyone was so nice to me!  I really felt at home!  I was interviewed by admissions and I also met with the financial aid counselor.  I had to turn in an essay about myself as well....and it took me a while to do that last night.  It seemed like it would be easy...but when I sat down to write it...I was like uhhhh for some time lol.  I picked this school because I've heard nothing but good about it.  I also have a friend that went there and now teaches there (she was there today too!!).  I love their values too!  Who knows, I may end up teaching at this school one day!  I can't wait to start!

So, here's what I looked like for the day!!  I got lots of comments on my makeup!  =D

Haha....yep GREEN!!!  I am just loving this look!  Today, I added a brown/bronzey color to my crease and I just really liked how everything turned out.  I love this lippie too....it is one of the NYX matte lip creams.  I am really diggin these!!!  It's brighter than the picture captured.  So I kinda wore a bright lippie today!  =D  At least I felt like it lol.  I bought two of these lip creams yesterday at Ulta and since NYX was buy two get one free I decided to try a blush.  Anddd since Sally Hansen nail polish was buy two get one free, I picked up three of those.  Gotta have some purdy toes for the summer! 
The polishes are Lively Lilac, Snappy Sorbet and Mint Sprint.  I picked out Tokyo and Antwerp in the lip creams and the blush is Peach (although it is pink).
Tokyo is on the left and Antwerp on the right.  I love these!  They are matte and not drying at all!  These are SO totally worth the $6.  I put it on around noon and at 4pm when I took the pics, it still looked like it did when I put it on.  The only thing was when I tried to apply more....it did start to get a little cakey and flake a bit on the inner part of my lips...but I wanted to see how well this worked so I didn't apply gloss.  I think gloss would help at this point in the wear.  This is how it looked after 8+ hrs of wear and eating and drinking

Not bad!  I mean, yeah it came off but I ate!  haha.  I liked these SO much, that I went back to Ulta today and picked up three more! 

Left to Right, Milan, San Paulo and Addis Ababa.  And since NYX is still buy 2 get 1 free, I also picked up two more blushes and a lipliner.  I got Pinched and Terra Cotta.

Pinched is on top and Terra Cotta on the bottom.  I think Pinched looks kind of like NARS Orgasm maybe.  Anway, so there's my exciting day and mini haul!!  Have a great night!!!


  1. Congratulations on cosmetology school! Thats exciting! and you look beautiful as always. I really adore greens on you! Nice haul also! Thanks for reminding me that NYX are buy 2, get 1 free. I'm definitely getting all of their matte lip creams! hehe! Love pinched blush! Its one of my absolute faves! I wear it often! :)

  2. That is awesome news :) Congratulations!!
    You look stunning in greens, especially with that gorgeous lip colour :)

  3. I am sooo HAPPY for you!!! YES!! this is fantastic news!! I can not wait for you to tell us what it is like and u can post blogs about it and everything..I feel like I am going with you..LOL..I thought about after nursing school, going for some type of makeup certificate..hmm...IDK..BUT i am happy u did this and u r going to be great at it! ur makeup looks flawless, green with those lips..gorgeous :D

  4. Congratulations thats great news!!! Your going to do amazing and you could teach us what you learn..lol..:) How long is it? Your makeup looks beautiful!

  5. Ohh congratulations! It will be fabulous, I am sure ou will learn a lot and have lots of fun! I was supposed to start this weekend too but now :( I really love your lippie it looks beautiful on you!

  6. I'm glad the NYX creams worked for you, they sucked on me! I think I got a bad tube or something cause mine smelled disgusting as well... anyway, congrats on cosmetology school, you'll do great!! xx

  7. Congratulations on doing what you want to do!! I love it when people decide to do what they want to do in life instead of what they "need" to do! And kudos to having a boyfriend who's so supportive of you in that! I bet your daughter's going to love it! Free professionally done hair color! Oh yeah haha! Ooohh Tokyo looks soo pretty! Haha I read these blogs too much. My wish list is like a million miles long.

  8. Thank you all sooo much! I am so excited to start school!! You guys are so great. I couldn't wait to tell you guys haha. And thanks for all of your kind words and compliments, it really means so much to me!

    @Meme: Pinched blush is super pretty! I love those NYX creams...I think I'm going to have to go back today and get the rest lol.
    @Jess: Haha...you are too funny!!! And I will definitely be sharing it all with you guys! You should definitely try to do something with makeup too! Go after it all!! ;)
    @Bailey: I'll graduate in 10 months! I'm going full time.
    @Amalia: You can always go later! I'm just starting and I'm 35!! Ughh lol
    Cydonian: Bummer...maybe you did get a bad one. They do have a smell though, I think it smells like cake batter...haha mmmmm...
    @Starryskies: She is SO excited! She also will get to come in and be a model for me, so she can't wait. It feels good to make her proud! Tokyo is gorgeous but I'm not sure if it's my color...I'll send it to ya! And yep, my list is a million miles long too bahahaha

  9. Woww you are sooo sweet!!! Love the makeup honey <3 I'm a new follower...hope you follow back :D

  10. Congrats, You will do great!!! =) The green eyeshadows look so pretty on you!

  11. @Rakhshanda: Thanks for following me! I'm following back! :)
    @Miranda: Thank you!