Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!! (and my look from yesterday)

Happy Mother's Day to all of you gorgeous mommies!!  I love being a mom.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!  I have the most amazing kid too.  =D  I also have the BEST mom ever!  She is my mom and my best friend and I couldn't have asked for a better mom.  I hope you all enjoy your special day!  I had the tastiest omelet for breakfast...made by none other than the best omelet chef in the entire world...Steve, my boyfriend.  =D  I'm getting ready to go to my parents house for a cookout!  Ahhh....and the sun is shining!  It's been a perfect Mother's Day!  <3

I just wanted to post real quick for mother's day and also post my look from yesterday.  I liked this look....I tried to do a more neutral look because I was dying to wear my new lippie.  =)  I wore my bright lip out and I LOVED it!  I'm so excited!!  haha.  I don't think I would've done it, if it hadn't been for you guys giving me some THANK YOU!!!  I will be going to buy MAC Impassioned this is bright and I've had my eye on it...but been too afraid to try it...but not anymore lol...I feel like I'm wearing big girl panties!!  HAHA.'s the look!

I ended up wearing my hair up, after it was all said and done.  Here's the product list!

Painterly PP
MAC Melon inner corner
Inglot e/s's:
352M-wash for blending browbone to crease and browbone highlight
418P-crease blended to outer v
384M-crease and outer v
378M-blend 384
407P-above crease and to blend
378M-outer lower lashline and 407P + Melon inner
Japonesque lashes (they are the half lashes)
I used liquid liner, but I'm not saying what kind because it's a secret and I'm going to review it soon!

For my blush, I used MAC Harmony for contour and Peachykeen and then 395P for highlight.  On my lips, I have NYX sand pink liner and MAC Speak Louder l/s (LOVE!)

AND for the silly face.............

Haha.  I tried out another MAC foundation.  I tried the prolongwear in NC25.  I should post pics of me side by side, to get your guys opinion.  This one didn't oxidize as bad, even though it is the same foundation.  I think the NC is more my color, but I think I'm a tad darker maybe.  I don't think I love this foundation.  It has great coverage....but I just don't like how it looks after a few hours.  So, last boyfriend had a show.  He plays acoustic guitar and sings....he does cover songs and also writes his own songs.  I think he is pretty amazing!  Kailey went with me and my parents met us there.  It was really fun...he put on a great show and sounded fantastic!  Here's a pic of Steve and I from last night.

I look surprised or something haha. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. lol you look kind of nervous but you two look great! The lippie looks great and I love the lashes- I noticed them right away but they look fabulous, they are really the perfect touch!!!

  2. Happy Mother's day and OMG I love bright lippies on you girl! You look very beautiful! You and your boyfirnd look so cute together! Awwww!

  3. Love this look.... and your silly photo is hilarious :) haha

  4. @Amalia: Thanks girl!! If only I wasn't so terrible at applying lashes on myself, then I would probably wear them more haha.
    @Meme: Thank youuuu! :)
    @Charlotte: Thanks!
    @Make-me up: Hehe...thank you! =D

  5. You guys look great together..:) Your makeup looks great as always and love the lippie!! Is your hair darker?? You look stunning!!

  6. Very pretty! bright looks great on you!! I love that you do silly pics too! Those are my fav to do whenever the camera comes out! haha

  7. @Bailey: Thank you soo much!! Nope, it's not darker...I think it appears darker because I had to take the pics with a flash and my face looks so pale and sickly with that foundation! haha.
    @Miranda: Thank you! I know, I love seeing the silly pics from others too...and I love doing them obviously haha.

  8. I really love the bright lip on you! It's so pretty! And your silly face made me laugh. Happy mother's day! You looks sooo beautiful in that first picture! I love it!

  9. @Starryskies: Thank you so much! I'm starting to love the bright lip...I know shocking!! haha...
    @Kattatonic: Hehe, thanks...I wanna see some silly faces from you! =D

  10. Beautiful makeup ^^

    Love Christine ♥