Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I've read so many great things about Inglot and when the website was up and running for the usa, I decided that I would give it a try!  It was so hard deciding on colors because I hadn't seen swatches and it's hard to tell what the colors actually looked like.  I almost bought a palette, but I was so confused (lol) that I just decided to get a few things.  I really like I narrowed it down to two colors 85 and 35.  I really love MAC fluidline but the colors of Inglot's matte eyeliner gel caught my eye and I picked 75.  Finally, I went with a jumbo eye pencil 85.  Here's what it looks like:
I placed my order and was super excited.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on these goodies lol.  I actually paid an extra $20 for next day shipping.  Why?  I am so impatient...when I see makeup that I want....I have to have it...I don't want to wait very long haha.  So you can imagine my disappointment when I get a call from NewYork regarding my Inglot order.  I wasn't able to answer the call, and the voicemail said that one of the pigments I had ordered wasn't in stock.....and of course, it was the purple one!!  Ugh!!  I called back and left a message, but received no return call.  Instead, a couple of days later I get an email saying that my order had shipped.  Woohoo!!  But wait....what about #35?!  I figured maybe they were just sending me everything but that.  I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to finally come.  I think it took about 7 days to arrive from the time I ordered.  I could barely get inside of my house before I was tearing the package open haha...  The pigments looked amazing...I had to swatch it all right away.  #35 is a gorgeous purple-gold color that is just so hard to describe.  #85 is a brownish-green color that sort of reminds me of MAC Club.

They go on silky smooth...but I have to be honest...I have a really hard time with fall-out from these.  I even use TFSI and NYX jumbo pencils.  I mean, like it gets all over my face...even in my hair!  I think these are best applied wet.  I don't really care for #85.  I have Club and I love it...and I'm just not in love with this pigment.  I've tried it on a few occasions and I dislike it every time.  It's just so messy.  It looks beautiful on...but it's hard to work takes over every shadow and is almost impossible not to overblend.  The purple #35, I do like....but again, I don't love it.  I think I've used it maybe 3 times.  While it is simply just isn't a favorite of mine.  I definitely won't be buying anymore pigments.  Here are the swatches:

From left to right...the first is #85 with UD Sin jumbo pencil as a base, second is without a base and the third is with NYX jep in black bean.  The second color is #35...the first with NYX jep in black bean as a base, the second without a base and the third with UD Sin jumbo pencil as a base (I know I did it all jumbled haha...).  The top pic is with a flash and the bottom without a flash.  The #85 looks so beautiful...and it was so hard to capture the gorgeousness of #35.  Okay onto the Matte eyeliner gel.  #75 is a deep purple and I love it.  It is so creamy and glides right on.  I even put this on my waterline and it stayed and didn't irritate my eyes (and I wear contacts).  I swatched it with MAC fluidline in macroviolet for comparison.

Macroviolet is on the top and #75 is on the bottom.  As you can tell, it's a darker richer purple and I like that.  I'm used to black, so I really wanted it deep purple.  This stuff stays on like no one else's took me some scrubbing to get it off!  I still like black better but this is okay for a change every once and a while.  I haven't used it as a base yet, but I bet it would be fab.  If you're thinking about getting this gel liner, I recommend it.  The final item is the eye pencil.  I had full intentions on using this as a base.  I was super excited about the's a bright turquoise blue.  I was wanting to use this under teals and blues.  However, it's a bit hard to use as a base on the lid.  It's just not creamy enough to blend out.  It pulls at my eyelids.  I am not a fan.  I'm sure it would go great under the lower lashline as a base for eyeshadow...but honestly, I don't even touch it.  I will say that it has super staying power too...this stuff is a pain to get off lol. 

It's so pretty isn't it?  What a shame that it sits untouched lol.  Here is the look that I came up with using the purple pigment and eyeliner gel.  (I posted this on makeup geek as some may remember this!  :) ).

I had a hard time capturing this look....but thought I would share anyway!!  I was super excited to get Inglot but I really wasn't overly impressed.  I like going into the store and seeing the shadows and swatching them, etc...and leaving with them haha.  I'm not saying that I wouldn't order from Inglot again because I haven't given their regular eyeshadows a chance yet!!  ;)  I'm sorry I rambled so much haha....I hope this helps anyone thinking of ordering! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I had a kind of blah day yesterday...I just didn't feel like putting makeup on, mainly because I spent too much time on the internet haha.  Anyway...I was at Target the other day (love Target!) and I was looking at polish and saw Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips.  I love having my nails painted but it's so hard for me to keep polish on my nails because my hands are in water so much.  These caught my eye...and I decided to give them a try!  They were $8.99 on sale.  I bought 270-Raise A Glass.  It's a champagne color....not my usual choice of nail polish but it looked pretty lol. 

Okay, so first let me say that I think these are way overpriced.  I can buy a bottle of OPI cheaper and it will last for what seems like forever.  However, unless I have artificial will chip off in a day (even with Chip Skip!).  Of course, it will stay on my toes though, haha. nails are shorter than usual because I broke a few so I filed them down.  I do feel that these would be easier to apply to longer nails.  They were a challenge applying them to my nails.  Especially my right hand (I'm right handed), which I have no problems applying regular nail polish!  There are a few sizes to choose the right fit for your nail and cuticle...I had no issues finding a good fit, other than my right thumb....and that could be just because I was having a hard time with my right hand.  You have to kind of stretch them over your whole nail and make sure they are smooth (only my left thumb bubbled a bit) and then file the edge so they attach properly.  This is where I had difficulty because my nails are so short.  When I tried to file the edge, they would peel back some.  Here's what they looked like...

You can see where my thumb bubbled and I also dented the polish on my index finger.  I think these are definitely for those with longer nails...and I also think these would be fun for young girls, however I won't be spending $9 on these things again!!  They just don't look that great...I'm not impressed.  I will stick to regular polish...even if it means I have to polish them so darn often haha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 first postttt!

Welcome to my blog!  I've finally hopped on the blogwagon!  :)  I am new at this....and not super computer savvy, so we will see how this goes haha.  I will most likely be reviewing products and sharing my life and my makeup looks for those that are interested!  I follow many blogs and I love the Makeup Geek forum....I'm on there too much haha.  So...thanks for looking and I hope you like it!!  Here are some of my favorite color combos that I've done recently....I'm sure I posted many of these on Makeup Geek! 

Thanks for looking!!