Friday, May 6, 2011

Purple/Coral Inglot look and a bright lip that I really like!!

Hello beauties!!  Well, today I had a way better time with my Inglot eyeshadows!!  I had to mess up a few times, I guess haha.  I'm sure there will be many more too!  I decided to play with some purples today....I hadn't tried these yet and I was certainly excited to, since I love purple!!  =D  I was happy with the way this turned out.  That is....until my right eye decided to water all day and ruin my pretty look.  haha. 

I liked this color combo....and I think I probably got the idea from seeing a look by Jess (weighing down on beauty) where she used the coralish color with purple and I really liked it.  I will use this color combo again for sure.

Products used:

TFSI and then Painterly pp
Inglot eyeshadow #'s:
407P-inner corner
361M-slightly above crease
392M-crease and outer v
362M-inbetween 361 and 392
407P-blending crease
74AMC-darken inner crease and v
352M-browbone highlight

I used shadows 363M and 378M for my brows again...and I have to say, I like the color and pigmentation better...and they don't fade and look all shiny on the I am loving these shadows for my brows!!  I'm wearing Margin for my blush contour, NYX pinched blush and then I added MAC Peachykeen and my highlight is 395P.  I'm wearing MAC Ravishing l/s.

I tried out a new foundation today.  I am getting low on my MUFE HD and I want to see if there is anything else I may like before it's time to purchase new.  So I picked up some samples.  I tried Dior Forever-didn't like.  I gave Mat Velvet another go-didn't like either.  I got samples of MAC studio fix, studio sculpt and prolongwear.  I tried studio fix yesterday and I really liked the coverage and the wear...alot...however, it wasn't the right match.  Today, I tried the prolongwear and it was in NW25 and it isn't the right match either....and it oxidizes badly.  So I went back to MAC today because I wanted to return my Ever Hip l/s and I got some more samples and the mua there said I look like I may be inbetween NW and NC.  So, she gave me samples of the fix, sculpt and prolongwear in NC25 to try out...and she said that I may be like her and have to mix the two.  So we will see how the NC's look.

Since the Ever Hip was so close to Ravishing, I wanted to get something different.  I was thinking about Girl About Town but I decided on Speak Louder.  I love it!  It's bright but not too in your face it's a good one to transition into some of the brighter shades.  I have my eye on Impassioned.  hehe.  So here are the swatches!

Top-with flash  Bottom-no flash

Haha....  So...what do you guys think??  Like it?  I think I'm almost ready for something brighter!  =D  I hope everyone is having a fab friday!!


  1. Wow girlfriend, you look gorgeous! Love the purple and corals and especially love the bright lippie! Way to go!

  2. O M G! gorgeous look..girl..I luv this color combo!! so happy INGLOT is workin for ya!! thanks for the shout out and I am sooo glad I could help! LMK what shad eu end up being at MAC cuz we are the same MUFE125. I have not tried MAC foundations yet....Speak louder is sooo HOT and I really like it on you! I gotta put that on my list!

  3. WOW I absolutely love your eyes here!! It is just such a perfect look on you! I love how you did the pinkish shade... and the lippie looks amazing on you! I totally agree, I love Inglot shadows for my brows too, I've been using 360 and 390, made my own brow box out of a two pan palette- the shadows are much better than their actual brow powder!

  4. so now that you are in the INGLOT club with me Sonja and Amalia u gotta check out this is where u name the inglot shades..I am having so much fun doing it lol

  5. @Meme: Thank you!!
    @Charlotte: Thanks!
    @Jess: Thank gotta get the speak louder, it will look great on you!! I'll let you know about the MAC foundations...I'm trying another one today! Andddd haha, I'm going to check out the blog right now! =D
    @Amalia: Thanks so much!! That is so funny because I was thinking of ordering a 2 pan palette to put those shades in for my brows, in case I wanted to bring them along haha. The thing is though, I never left the house without my brow powder but I don't even have to with the Inglot...they stay on and stay pigmented ALL day and I have oily skin. I am just so happy! =D

  6. pretty look and nice lippie..literally i laughed seeing ur last pic..soo funny :D

  7. Hi! I FINALLY came to your blog! I love it! Your pink smokey eye looked great when I saw you at work the other day too ;-) The names of the Fyrinnae pigments to check out are Dressed To Kill, Boy Toy both are greens you will love, and Immortality which is a charcoal base with loads of multi colored sparkles! Don't forget the Pixie Epoxy! BTW I love this look, the liner is gorgeous!

  8. @BMO: Haha, finally!! ;) Thank you!! After we talked about pink smokey eyes, I had to try something lol. I'm going to order those pigments! Love your blog, too btw!! I'm sure I'll see ya soon haha....

  9. Wow! Beautiful! I love it! This should definitely be a go-to look for you!

  10. @Starryskies: Thank you!! =D I guess this could be a go-to look, especially for the was summery to me. I think this would look so pretty on you too.