Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The waiting is finally over! Inglot haul! Yipeeee!

I'm having like the best week EVER!  lol.  My Inglot order arrived today!!!  I just placed my order Saturday and it seemed like it took forever and a day to get here because I was so anxious to get them haha...  After trying Inglot and not being blown away by what I tried, I wasn't sure if I wanted to order anything else.  I didn't order regular eyeshadow on my first order because I had such a hard time trying to figure out the site!!  It was the day it launched and I read that they had some glitches at first, so that was probably my issue.  After winning my 5 pan palette and trying out the eyeshadows...I knew I was definitely getting more!  Especially after seeing so many beautiful swatches and SO many gorgeous looks!!!  But I especially blame Amalia bahahaha....and you too Sonja....oh and you too Jess.....and you too Meme!!!  Hahaha... =D

I put a carefully thought out list together of the eyeshadows that I wanted to get.  I had a shopping cart saved and I think that I changed it several times lol.  I made a list and placed my order.  This was Saturday evening.  I decided that I wanted the 10 pan palettes for easier storage.  I ordered 25 shadows and got 3 10 pan palettes.  I wanted to add my 5 to those.  Well, now I wish I would have just got 5 extra eyeshadows.  What the heck was I thinking?!!!  Now, I'm going to have to order more!  I will need to get at least 10 to get my discount haha.  Anyway....the package was delivered this morning!  It took less than 4 days to get here and came by Fedex.  I also got free shipping!!  Yay!

Onto the haul and swatches!
So pretty!  I was a little bummed that they gave me two 392M and left out one that I had actually ordered.  I emailed them, so I'm waiting for a response.  Hopefully I can get the one that I ordered!  So, one palette is missing one...but not for long!

This is how I labeled the palettes.  I had no trouble at all getting my first 5 out of the palette either.  I did mess up a shadow with the's not bad though.  Here are the swatches!
Left to Right: 352M, 395P, 407P, 363M, 378M
403P, 419P, 418P, 451P, 376M

371M, 372M, 412P, 384M, 414P

413P, 415P, 70AMC, 426P, 428P

361M, 362M, 379M, 388M, 74 AMC, 392M, 445P, 441P, 439P

It was so hard figuring out what colors I want to try out today because I just wanted to use them alllll haha.  It was overwhelming lol.  Sooo I decided to do the same look that I did yesterday but with all Inglot e/s.

Ha!  Look familiar?!!  I wore NYX matte lip cream in Milan....and it was a bright pink and I really liked it!  I also used NYX blush, the Pinched.  I have to say I really like these blushes so far!  They are pigmented and last all day.  You can't really tell a difference between the Inglot look today and the MAC look yesterday.  I do have to say that this look is a bit easier to do with MAC because I use two pigments and with the Inglot, I had to really build up the color to get it as bright as I wanted.  Also, these are super, super easy to blend....I had to get used to that...I definitely had to add and fix a bit haha.  I'm soo happy with these and I can't wait to use them tomorrow!!  I just need to decide what colors I want to try 
Here's what I used:
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Lime
All Inglot e/s:
418P-outer lid
419P-blend crease and lid
384M-inner outer v
403P-inner corner of lid
407P-blending and softening
378M-defining crease a little more
352M-highlight browbone
OH!!  363M and 378M for my brows (along with browzing's wax) and I really liked these for my brows!!!  Score!
I was surprised...the only MAC that I used today was MAC harmony-contour and MAC Careblend pressed powder to set my foundation. 
I LOVE this lippie too!  Andddd I wore it out and it was pretty bright for me!!!  Yahoo!  haha.  Sorry for the long post again!!!  Also for the same look, I'm sure you are all quite bored with this one bahahaha!  I hope you all had a wonderful day!!  I promise NO green tomorrow!!  =D


  1. Yay I'm am soo happy for u! U got a lot of amazing colors and ur swatches r great! I luv ur inglot LOTD..very similar to the mac...see who needs me stop..I still like them! And yes inglot is sooo much easier to blend..I soo luv working with their shadows..takes a min to get use to working with but once u got it u won't go back :P I JUST placed another inglot will be my last for awhile..u gotta try inglot lip sticks next..I really like those too! I can't wait to see more inglot looks from u!

  2. Wow, awesome haul! I really am trying so hard to refrain from placing another order with Inglot but they're shadows are so nice! Excited to see your looks with these. You look beauiful and I love that lippie on you!

  3. @Jess: Haha, you are too funny!! I already want to order more too lol. I need to use all of the colors I have first though! ;) Maybe I will try the lipsticks!
    @Meme: Thank you! Yeah, it's's like you get some and you want them all! =D

  4. Wow you can't tell which look is Mac!! Looks gorgeous and I love the pink lips!! Love the swatches!!! #378 looks like Mac's handwritten and the blues look like some of the Mac blues that I have!! Definetly going to have to check out Inglot!!:)

  5. Man ya'll are making me jealous with your Inglot hauls... darn you!! I love your FOTD :)

  6. Love the neutral shades--very pretty. Thanks for the swatches, so hard to tell on the website.

  7. @Bailey: Yes, you should check them out! That reminds me...I'm going to go through my stash to see if there are some dupes!
    @Cydonian: Thank you! Lol...I feel your pain...that's how I was feeling and now look what I went and
    @Staci: You're welcome and I totally agree with you! It is SO hard to tell what the colors are like on the website! The first time I ordered, I was so lost!

  8. Very very nice! That makes me want to order all of the ones that you got that I don't have haha! The look is very nice, of course!

  9. @Starryskies: Thank you! And I know what you mean! But I think I had like every single one you had on my list because of all the beautiful looks you have done!!! haha

  10. @Kattatonic: Lol...I feel your pain! ;) I think we all feel that way seeing lots of pretty e/s and makeup that we don't have, we want it and we want it NOW! bahahaha.