Thursday, May 5, 2011

Purple Panic (nails) and Ever hip and Blue(ish) look today!

First, I have to tell you about this polish!!  It's Purple Panic (neon) by China Glaze.  I LOVE it!!  It's so bright and pretty!!!  I painted my toes with this color today and I have found a new love....and it's this polish!  Hahaha.  I don't think I've ever had a real matte nail polish before.  I mean, I've had some that would be considered matte, but this is really matte!!  I like it's a nice change actually.  When I put my top coat on, it gave it just enough shine.  I apologize so much for what you are about to see....

Haha!!  Ew!  I hate feet lol...  But I didn't paint my nails and it was the only way I could show you what it looked like on!  =D  I really love it.

So...last night my MAC called me to let me know that the Fashion Flower Collection finally came in.  I was super excited!!!  I went over and bought the Ever Hip l/s and I also picked up a lipliner and some more brush cleaner (I LOVE that stuff).  Well...I didn't try it on at MAC because I was wearing the NYX lip cream and I didn't feel like taking it off...I was quite enjoying the color lol.  Well, you will be able to see in my look...I'm wearing the Ever Hip.  I have to say I'm not really excited about it.  It looks SO much like MAC Ravishing to me that I feel like why have the Ever Hip, ya know?  Here's a swatch

Ever Hip is on the left and Ravishing on the right...and this is without a flash

With Flash...
They are just so similar to me.  I mean, yeah they are kinda different....but I put it on today and I was like...huh....this looks awful familiar!  haha.  I think I'm going to return it and exchange it for a different lipstick.

I'm still trying to get used to these Inglot shadows.  I'm not really excited about today's look...I know that I can do better than this.  It kind of bums me out because I sure used the crap out of my 5 palette before I received this order!  I used some here....more there....fixed that...added this...added that....ugh lol.  And to top it brows look wacky.  They are really uneven today...I hate that!  Ok, I'm really not trying to be a negative nancy lol...

 I mean, I don't think this look is terrible but it's definitely not a fav haha....maybe it's just because it took me so much work just to get it looking this way!!  Bahahaha.  Well, I'm off to go keep a friend of mine company...she broke her ankle Tuesday.   Owww.  The sun is finally shining today!!!  Which makes me so happy with all the gloomy rainy days that we've had!  Have a great night!!



  1. ur right! ravishing and ever hip DO look similar..hmm..I have both too...BTW to answer ur inglot question, I just use UDPP in Eden and thats it, no base on top of that..for me MAC is harder to work with and Inglot works so well with me..u will get use to it! You should soo open up a twitter account, it would be so fun for all of us to talk together :D and I like ur lotd, BUT I know what u mean..once u but al the effort into the it does not look as appealing to U I really like it, especially with the lippie..LMK if u have any other inglot questions..I will be SO happy to answer them :D

  2. I really like that color on your eyes such a pretty blue!! Ravishing does look like Ever Hip and love your pink toes..:)

  3. I really like how your makeup turned out! You look very beautiful!

  4. man if I didn't read your story I still say the look is breathtaking!! I like to use Inglot with Eden too, but I have used with painterly too :)

  5. @Jess: Ok, see I think I'm just so used to the MAC e/s. I always wore a primer AND a base. So, just wearing a base is so new to me haha. These e/s just blend so so easy! I was used to working a bit more to blend! ;) I have never tweeted before lol...I'll open an account! =D
    @Bailey: Thanks girl! The blue on my lid really reminds me of Tilt in the pan. See, now you don't have to run out and get ravishing since you have ever hip! ;)
    MakeupZombie: Aww thank you!!
    @Meme: Thank you!
    @Amalia: I have painterly, but it creases on me without a primer. I'm just going to try it out tomorrow with just my TFSI and see how it goes! It's good to see you on here...I've missed your posts already!

  6. oh my love the eye makeup!! pops out your eye!!

  7. Love that pink polish and nice eye makeup too.

  8. @Peach crush: Thank you!
    @Charlotte Sparkle: Thanks!

  9. Very pretty look! You can really pull off that silvery blue colour! Would love to invite you t join Makeupbee. Join the MakeupBee community and introduce YOUR blog to an audience of makeup lovers. Some of your followers are on Makeupbee already!

  10. @Makupbyti: Aww, thank you so much!! I'm gonna go check that site out...right now! lol.