Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surprise! A neutral look! haha...

First, I would like to say hello to my new followers!!  Thank you so much and I appreciate all of you reading my blog!!  I love reading everyone's blogs!!  So, thank you again!!!

Well now that blogger is back to working again, I can post my neutral look!  I was so frustrated with blogger lol....but I did find a cool makeup site!!  I can't believe I didn't know about this site!   Beautylish!  I really like it! check it out, if you haven't.

Anyway, so I tried a neutral look the other day and it was just meh.  I wasn't crazy about it!  I need to like neutral looks on myself too!  But I just don't love them at all haha... 

And since I know you guys love the silly face and I wanna give you a chuckle....
Bahahaha....  Okay, here's the product list:

MAC Painterly pp
MAC Tan pigment-lid
Inglot e/s's:
407P-slightly above crease and blended down into crease
363M-inner crease
378M-define crease and v
378M-outer lower lashline
419P-inner lower lashine and blended into the 378

I used MAC Harmony to contour, MAC Style blush and 395P for highlight.  I'm wearing MAC Draw Me Close lipliner and NYX Matte lip cream in Antwerp.

Any suggestions to help me with these neutral looks?  =D  I hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks for looking!!


  1. I think it's gorgeous! Neutral looks shock me when I do them because I always wear bright colors. My husband told me today that he can tell when I do neutral because "it is very subtle." Me, subtle? I don't do subtle, haha. I guess I did today.

  2. As beautiful as you are, girl, you'll look gorgeous with any looks even neutrals! Love this look!

  3. You look gorgeous!! Love this neutral look on you..:)

  4. Neutral or not, you wear it so well.

  5. Aww...thanks so much ladies!!! =D I'm trying to like it! haha...

  6. neutral looks beautiful on you! but every look you post is beautiful!

  7. This is soo beautiful on you! You always look gorgeous, though! Love the lip color too! And guess who's on her way to beautylish to check it out... I've never heard of it!

  8. I never think I look right with neutrals either, but I seem to get lots of compliments- as I am sure you do!! It looks beautiful! I clicked on the site, and I thought that was you at first with black smokey eye!!

  9. You look so pretty, love this look ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  10. Wow this is beautiful..this def one of my favs from u!

  11. Very pretty! I always go neutral as my go to, since it doesn't usually require lots of though, lol.

  12. @Miranda: Aww,thank you!
    @Starryskies: Thanks, girl!! So, did you check out beautylish? What did you think?
    @CharlotteSparkle: Thanks!
    @Amalia: Thank you...I think you look beautiful in neutrals! Oh! Remember that brown inglot color that you couldn't get enough of? Which one was that?
    @ChristineIverson: Thank you!
    @Jess: Wow! Thank you so much!
    @AngieBee: haha...thanks!

    I really appreciate all of your comments! The encouragement helps me try these looks that aren't my favorites! Thanks again for reading my blog! I sincerely love reading all of yours =D

  13. loooooove the make up!!

    xoxo from rome

  14. @Kattatonic: Haha...thanks...gotta be silly, always am! =D

  15. you look beautifull girl!! especially in that last pic :D Oooh thanks for the website ima have to check it out!

  16. @Ashii: Haha...the last pic is my fave! ;) and thank you!