Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gotta love purple!!

I feel like I haven't posted a look in so long!  I haven't been wearing much makeup...I've been busy moving and cleaning.  Today, I knew one thing.....and it was that I needed to wear some fun makeup!  I didn't wear any at all yesterday and the day before, it was just my brows and some mascara.  :-O  haha.  The moment I saw Sonja's (the beautiful life of the girl next door) recent post of the two colorful looks, I knew I had to try that purple one!  I have the same Inglot shadows and I love the 379M but have not tried it enough.  So, I really used the exact same e/s except I added a bit of two others and I mean, just a bit...I loved her look and I wanted mine to look the same...however, hers was better...much, much better...lol...but I did like it...I will do this color combo again for sure.  I need to perfect it!  ;)  Here's how my look turned out!

And I forgot to take pics in the natural light, so I had to use a flash....sorry about the quality of the pics.  Better pics tomorrow, I promise!  =D   I don't know why there's a glare around my eye too...it looks like I put white eyeshadow around the outer edges of my eye or something and nope, I sure didn't lol.  But I DID totally bomb my eyebrows!!  Ughh...oh well...some days, I just can't get them even!  Here's my product list:

MAC Painterly pp
Inglot eyeshadows:
379M-lid and lower lashline
361M-above crease
352M-blend crease
74AMC-define crease
439P-inner lower lashline blended into the 379M
363M and 378M for my eyebrows
Maybelline Volumptous waterproof mascara
Physician's Formula lash boosting liquid liner (review to come)

I'm wearing MUFE HD foundation, MAC harmony-contour, MAC Peachykeen-blush and Inglot 395P-highlight.  Rimmel lipliner in natural and Covergirl lip perfection lipstick in Darling.  (I put on MAC Angel first and took it off...I don't know why I bought this lipstick...it's too frosty and everytime I put it on, I take it off!)

I dyed my hair today too...and I'm back to the glossy color that I really like.  It's Garnier HerbaShine in Dark Natural Brown.  I used L'Oreal's glossy whatever it is last time and I hated it.  It's supposed to last through 28 shampoos and it didn't....and it turned my hair a really yucky shade after 3 weeks.  I really don't like red in my hair...I like my hair dark brown without red...and just a shade below black.  So, I will continue with the herbashine until I have to use permanent dye!  I hope that everyone is having a great week!! 

And just for you Sonja!!  hahaha...  Get ready....this is scary!  =D

I told Sonja that my silly pic was so much like the one she had posted that day!!  I am such a nerd lol...


  1. really gorgeous! You look simply stunning as always. Your hair does look really shiny & healthy & pretty!

  2. This is stunning, and your hair is gorgeous too! Uh...and don't know what your talking about with your eyebrows...they look perfect!

  3. your eyes are gorgeous and believe me probably only you noticing the white and brows too :) these colours are stunning on you and I love the pink lips! You are moving????

  4. Love the whole look!! The purple eyes & your sexy glossy brown hair together look gorgeous :)

  5. Purple is always a gorgeous colour to wear! Can't not love it right :)

  6. Purple is always beautiful on you so I never get tired of seeing you wear it! I love this combo too and am thinking of trying it!

  7. Thanks soo much ladies!!

    @Amalia: Yeah, but only down the street! :)
    @Meme: Definitely try it out and post some pics!

  8. your shadow looks great in these pics!
    new follower:)


  9. This is so beautiful on you! Definitely don't think mine was better than this! I love this combo on you though! Hey, where's the goofy face at?

  10. Love purple on you. You look beautiful as always =)

  11. @Ashley: Thank you and I'll go check out your blog right now! :)
    @Starryskies: Thank you! I had trouble uploading my pics...I'll add it now, just for you...it's weird, it was almost the same face you made for your post lol.
    @Miranda: Thank you so much!

  12. I think this color combo is gorgeous on you! Gotta love purple! I don't see anything wrong with your eyebrows. I would love mine to look like that. Besides, they are sisters not twins ;) You can use that excuse when you can't get them even; I do, hahahaha.

  13. Your eyes look great and I love the dark hair on you!!

  14. you're gorgeous. I love your hair and the makeup look you did is amazing :)

  15. cute

  16. @Toshia: Hahaha, I love it!! Sisters, not twins...that is really true! Thank you!
    @Bailey: Thanks girl!!
    @Sara: Aww thanks so much!
    @Julia: Thanks!

  17. Your brows look good to me but I get the frustration when you get one brow to look perfect and have to redo the other one a million times to make it look even close. Anyways, love the look! I need to get my hands on some Inglot asap.