Monday, May 9, 2011

Purple/Grey Smokey Eye, Pink lip

Man, did I have a day with my makeup.  Grrr.  First, I wanted to try one of the MAC foundation samples.  NW25 isn't my color and nor is NC25.  I just don't fit.  So, I decided to mix the two.  NC is probably what I should wear...but I hate the way it makes my skin look...kind of sickly.  I tried NC25 studio fix yesterday and I washed it off and wore my MUFE HD.  Today, I tried Studio Sculpt and mixed the NW25 and NC25 and yuck.  Although it matched me good...I just didn't like it.  So I washed it off and put on my MUFE HD...and skin had coverage, but yet you could still see my skin.  Much better.  =D  I don't think I will be buying MAC just isn't working out for me.  I liked the studio fix the best....but the NW25 is too pink/beige and the NC25 makes me look sick but oddly enough, it does match.....but it hides my real skin too much...I don't like that.  I have one more brand that I want to try and if that doesn't work....then I'll stick with the MUFE HD.

Onto my eye makeup!  I began with a color combo that I thought would look good.  Negative.  I cleaned my eyes and tried something else...FAIL again...washed that off and tried AGAIN and FAIL AGAIN...washed that off and FINALLY............

I liked how my FOURTH try came out.  Ughhh!  lol.  Luckily I didn't have anything else to do today haha.  Now, I can't take full responsibility for this look...because I really saw this color combo on Sonja (the beautiful life of the girl next door).  I had written it down and wanted to try it sometime, and today was a good day after all of my FAILS!  lol. 

Here's what I used:
MAC Painterly pp
Inglot 352M-inner corner
Inglot 376M-lid
Inglot 392M-above 376 and crease
Inglot 352M-blending
Inglot 74AMC-crease
MAC Carbon outer up to 74 AMC
Inglot 451P-lower lashline
Inglot 395P-highlight
Inglot 378M and 363M-brows
Liquid liner top and MAC Feline on my waterline
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous mascara
I used MAC Harmony-contour and Peachykeen for blush and then added a little NYX Peach and used Inglot 395P to highlight.  I'm wearing my MUFE HD foundation in 125 and MAC Careblend powder to set it.  I used NYX Citrine lipliner and Milan matte lip cream.

I really liked how this look turned out.  I will do this again, for sure.  I wish I was able to get some better pictures...the purple was way more vibrant and up higher than the pictures were able to capture.  Also, that Milan matte lip cream looked awesome with this look and again, was much brighter in's with a flash

Please tell me that I'm not alone...that there are others out there that feel the need to completely wash everything off and start over.  HAHA.  =D   There are times when I can add something and fix it and there are times when that just isn't going to cut it lol.  Funny though, this only happens when I apply makeup to myself.  It also takes me 3x as long to do it on myself.  What is up with that?!  lol.  Have a great night!!!


  1. You look great!! I had the same issue with MAC foundations, the exact same issue with 20, so I dont blame you for not using it. Yep, I wash off completely at times too :P

  2. I love love love this look! that purpley colour in your crease looks awesome & pieces the whole look together sooooo nicely :)

  3. Wow you have some real stamina girl! I would have gotten to frusterated and just gave up and went au natural! Looks awsome!

  4. @Amalia: Thank you and yay I'm not the only one! =D
    @make-me up: Thanks so much!!
    @Kassie: Haha...thank you! I know, I was determined lol.

  5. Love this color combo! Very beautiful! I've done the same thing...wiped my makeup completely off...but by this time, I"m completely frustrated to I go makeup minimal or no makeup at all! Haha!

  6. @Meme: Thank you! Yay, another one that has done this! ;)

  7. Wow! This looks gorgeous on you! Well, at least you had amazing success after all of your "failures" haha! It really looks gorgeous!

  8. @Starryskies: Thanks, Sonja! Afterall, I did get this idea from one of your looks! =D

  9. Foundation seems....complicated. But yay purple look! :DD

  10. @Kattatonic: I love purple too! Foundation is complicated...very complicated! You're lucky that you don't need it!

  11. Ok, that lippie looks AMAZING on you!

  12. Love this Look you are a beautiful Woman! Thanks for Stopping by my page as well . Look forward to more of your Posts!

  13. @Cathy: Aww, thank you soo much! I'm looking forward to more of your posts too! Your blog is awesome, I'm glad that I found it!