Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some purple love....and bright lip!

I decided to lay off of my greens yesterday (haha) because I've been wearing them all week!  I decided to do some purple.  I tried to use colors that I haven't used or used much of because I'm getting bored.  Boredom leads to me buying more makeup!  =D 

I wanted to give my Inglot pigment 35 another chance.  It is so beautiful, but like I said before...kind of hard to work with.  I find that using it wet really is the only way for me to use this particular pigment.  Here's what I did!

I really love the CG Siren and I have so been wanting to wear I took a risk and put it on.  I really love it.....but I have to be honest....I feel like this:

Plain SILLY!!  Haha....  I don't know why I feel so crazy in this beautiful color!  I am so afraid to wear it out of my house.  I put it on and almost walked out.....then I grabbed a makeup remover wipe and took it off.  :(  I totally chickened out!!!  I'm so mad at myself lol.  I SO want to wear this color out, but I'm such a WEENIE!!  Grrrr. 

Here's my product list:
MAC Macroviolet fluidline-base
Inglot 35 pigment-used wet on lid and lower lashline
MAC Creme de Violet-crease
Inglot 74 AMC-inner crease, outer v
MAC Vibrant grape-lower lashline
Inglot 395
Inglot 352
Melon pigment
MAC Margin blush, Pearl and 395 for highlight
NYX lipliner in Sand Pink and CG lip pefection l/s in Siren

But here's how I decided to leave the house lol
After I took off the Siren, which sort of stains your lips fuschia....I put Viva Glam Gaga 2 l/g on.....haha.  I WILL leave my house with Siren of these days!!  ;)  Does this happen to you when you wear a color out of your comfort zone??  Please tell me I'm not the only chicken!!  :)  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


  1. I used to do that when I first started wearing makeup, with red lips. I loved the way they looked, but I felt like everyone was staring at me when I wore it so I wipped it off. But now I wear it all the time. I think I when I got my braces off I got a huge confidence booster :) I love the look and you should totally wear that color out, no one with think a bad thing about it, you look beautiful with or without it!

  2. You're not the only chicken. I used to feel the same way but the best way to get over that feeling is just wear it. Wear the colors you like and wear them proudly girl! If people are looking at you, its because you are BEAUTIFUL!... :) ...and if they're looking at you and thinking "that chick is wrong for wearing that color", its because, once again, you are beautiful and deep down they think so too! I say you should definitely wear that color out next time because its an awesome color on you!

  3. You look fabulous in it, and I think when you do it once, you will have so much confidence you will wear it all the time! Well.. maybe not, but more often! Me, I dont give two figs and I'll wear what I want, even though others complain at times, mostly if its not bright actually. I felt nervous doing the orange lip but surprisingly, I liked it alot!

  4. it seems that purple is all the rage this season evryone's doing a purple look ( i did too ^_^)

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  5. I like the other girls chicken out with certain colors too! I think it looks beautiful on you!! You should totally wear it out of the house =) The whole looks is gorgeous!!

  6. Omg that soo.happens to me..I wear a lippie and I'm not brave enough to wear it out yet or I wipe it off when I'm outside cuz I had no idea how bright it really was till the sunlight hit it lol...this is a really beautiful look on u with siren or gaga..u will soon wear siren out and before u know it u won't believe u even thought it was bright! It has soo happened to me!

  7. I really love that lip color on you! I think it looks so beautiful on you! I totally understand you not feeling comfortable in it, I have that problem too, only with red lips. I do love the look with nude lips too though!

  8. Aww, thank you soo much everyone!! I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who feels weird at first wearing something out of their comfort zone! You all are so beautiful and I appreciate your compliments...and encouragement!! =D

  9. Wear Siren out!! That is a demand! haha! It looks gorgeous on you! I know how you feel, though. It's hard wearing bright colors out when you aren't used to it. They make you feel like everyone is looking at you. I finally decided to say eff it and go for it! Just maybe they are looking because they are envious of your skills ;-) I love your hair, too. I wish I could let mine get that long. Between you and Sonja, I think I'm going to do a neutral look and a bright lippie! Maybe I'll wear Siren out...

  10. @Toshia: Haha...thanks girl! I'll wear it!! =D Did you wear it with your neutral look yet??