Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I store my makeup and where I put it on....!

I love seeing how all of you store your you organize it.... and where you get to have your beauty shrine!!  =D  haha.  I've been meaning to do a post about mine and I finally did!!  Okay, so I used to put my makeup on in the bathroom and the bathroom counter was where I sat.  While this wasn't real comfortable lol.  I bought a mirror and I would sit in front of my window to get the natural daylight...and that worked for a while....but then winter came and most of the days were dreary!  Which means no light!  So, I went and bought a lighted mirror.   I would set it up in my bathroom and move a chair in there and do my makeup there....but I just really wanted a vanity.  I looked at them online and longed for a REAL the ones here:
I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a vanity table.  I looked and looked online but I just didn't see anything that sparked my interest like the vanitygirl vanities!  My boyfriend kept saying he could "make" me one....he told me his ideas of the lighting, etc....and said I would save so much money for basically the exact same thing.  He is brilliant, I tell ya!  haha. 

We went to a few stores in search of a desk....I knew the size that I wanted and exactly where I wanted to put it.  I wanted it to match my other regardless of where I put it, it would still look good.  I found the perfect match at Target!  It was only $99.  I can do that!!  Honestly, while it was perfect at the time....I probably wouldn't mind a bit more space lol....and if I decide to upgrade then the desk will go with my furniture haha.  I went to Lowe's for the mirror and the lighting.  I picked out two light fixtures and each side has 3 bulbs, so there is a total of 6 bulbs.  I bought the daylight energy bulbs that equal 40watts.  Let me tell you, this gives off perfect light to apply makeup!  I found the stool at Home Goods and it was $50 and it even lifts up, so I store my hair dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, etc in it.  I love it!  I bought organizers at TJMaxx for the drawer and I store my most used makeup inside.  I switch out things I'm not using for newer items, and I seem to rearrange this area frequently lol.  I store my brushes in a holder that is orginially for pens, etc.  It has three one is for eye brushes, one for blush brushes, and the other for face brushes, etc.  I have a pen holder that holds my NYX jumbo eye pencils and then another that holds my mascaras, another for lipliners and eyeliners and then an organizer that holds lipsticks, primers, concealers, foundation, etc.  So, here it is!

I definitely wouldn't mind a bigger desk now haha. 

So, here's the drawer.  The left container has my mac eyeshadows (oh the space that I would free up if I would just depot and put them into palettes) on the bottom (and two inglot pigments) the top left are my mac pigments and mac pigment samples, the middle compartment has my paint pots, gel eyeliners, concealer (I just use this one for my brows) and my browzings (which I use for the wax).  The right container has my blushes on the bottom and above it are random eyeshadows, etc.  and my UD DeSlick powder and MAC Careblend powder. 

On top of the desk...right mascaras, NYX jumbo eye pencils and other pencil bases, that ceramic container is for qtips

My brushes are beside that....and they need cleaned!  =D

My palettes are beside the brushes.  I really only use the Inglot palettes.  There is an UD palette that I've used one shadow out of and also the Sleek Bad Girl Palette (which I have never even used yet!). 

Then beside the palettes is another organizer.  That has my daily brush cleaner, nivea lip balms, visine (I use that for pigments if I want to use them wet) and then my lipsticks and glosses.  I also have my face primers, foundations, eye primers and creams in it as well.

So, there ya have it!!  =D  I definitely want to re-organize.  I've seen some really awesome set-ups!!  I would like to depot my mac shadows and put them in palettes.  Then I would have that drawer for alot of other things.  I also want a lipstick/gloss organizer.  I hate how I have mine right now.  I've been meaning to get some of those bead thingys for my containers too...especially for my brushes.  I didn't take pictures, but there is a cabinet on the other wall...inside that, I have makeup that I just never use and hair products...oh and my lashes...I have a small collection of false lashes...and I never seem to wear them lol.  Anyway...I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection and such!!  =D 


  1. Ohhh, I love it!! I want a vanity table or something similar so so bad! right now I just have a small dresser for my makeup and stuff but hope to get some kind of vanity table soon.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful station and collection you have! I love it! That desk is really nice, I love the drawer!

  3. amazing collection! I really like how everything is stuff is all over the

  4. Awesome! I love your set up and that stool is sooo cool! Love it!

  5. Girl I am SUPER jealous of your station!!!! LOVE IT! I current hover over my sink or sit at a table LOL... Can't wait to get my area organized!!!

  6. I love everything! Let's all come over and play makeovers hehe. I tried to post on this when you put it up but blogger hates me. I had to download Google Chrome just for it to let me post comments or follow blogs :(

    Anyways it looks amazing! I would love to see a more detailed makeup collection,especially all that lovely MAC :)

  7. Thanks so much girls!! =D

    @Mrs.Makeup: I will most defintely do a post on my mac collection for you!! Thanks for letting me know that you would like to see that!

  8. Love the storage! And kudos to you and your boyfriend for putting together the setup! I've always seen ridiculously expensive vanities, but it's nice to know you can do it for a bit less.

  9. O-M-Gizzle.

    So jealous!! I want a vanity sooo bad! Ever think about depotting your macs? pro, less space. con, a zillion palettes lmao!


  10. @Staci: Thanks!! =D
    @Mary: it...O-M-Gizzle! I'm sorry but I have to steal that!! lol. And yes, I need to depot my mac shadows, for

  11. This is amazing! I've only just started the whole makeup blogs thing and your blog is amazing and so is your collection! At the moment I've only got a few bit and bobs, but I'm also fairly new to this and I'm fifteen.

    Also your makeup is gorgeous! Are you self taught or did you go to beauty school? And how long have been doing it? I am now a follower. And do you think you could follow my blog? It's a bit messy but I'll get there :)

    Bryony xx

  12. @Bryony: Aww thank you so much!! I'm self taught for my makeup. I am getting ready to start cosmetology school june 14th, just to learn it all. :) I've been doing freelance makeup for a year or two...just doing makeup for weddings and special events, etc. I can't wait to see what you post on your blog!! :)