Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a neutral day....shocking, I know! ;)

I did it....I wore something other than purples, greens and blues!!  Haha...  I liked the way this look turned out, but it definitely won't be something I will want to do often.  I don't know why I don't like neutrals more.  They just seem so dull on me.  I like how my eyes really pop when I wear a bright color.  I love how browns and neutrals look on other people....I just feel way under-done in them....and I feel, BORING!  haha...  I used to wear brown eyeshadow all the time...long, long ago lol...maybe that's why I find them so unappealing on me.  Do any of you feel that way about certain colors?  Here's how it turned out:

I had a terrible time trying to get a good pic!!  Here's what I used:

UD Sin jumbo pencil
MAC Woodwinked-lid
MAC Beauty Marked-outer v (I didn't like how this looked, so I ended up adding MAC Espresson over that)
MAC Cranberry-crease
MAC Melon pigment for blending
UD Sin on the inner corner
UD Baked and Woodwinked and Naked pigment under the bottom lashes
MAC Orb as a brow highlight
MAC Viva Glam VI and Draw me close lipliner

I would totally love this look on someone else!!!  But on me...I'm like ehhhh, it's okay.  haha...  Well, sorry for the borrrring post!  ;)  I hope everyone has had a great day!!


  1. I think neutrals look good on you. Subtle, but beautiful!

  2. I think you look gorgeous! I totally hear you about feeling boring when you wear neutrals because I do too! I love your hair too. Is it naturally wavy or do you do something to it?

  3. I'm thirding that on the neutrals :) It is important to feel comfortable and confident do what you choose. But it is true, you look great!!

  4. hmm weird, i thought i was following u already lol oh well, you look beautiful!! Maybe you could do a bright lippy as well if your not too sure about the neutrals on the eyes?? you have beautiful hair as well

  5. love the look! gorgeous :)

  6. @Meme: Thank you!
    @Starryskies: Thanks so much...I know from your posts on MUG and your blog that you feel like I do about these kind of looks on ourselves. ;) And yes, my hair is naturally wavy/curly. Something that we as woman want if we don't have and don't want if we have it...haha. I'm not sure if it's a curse or a blessing!! ;)
    @Amalia: Thank are so is important to feel comfortable AND confident...and I love your new neutral looks!!
    @Ashii: Yay, I'm glad you're following me now :) A bright lippie is a good idea..Amalia mentioned the same I'm going to try it out.
    @Peach crush: Thanks so much!!

  7. Your neutral looks so chic! Highlighting your beautiful eyes so well:)
    Marusya V