Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Showing some MAC Club love :)

Do you ever feel like you're in a makeup rut?  I do lol.  I apparently have a favorite color combo these days because I keep doing almost the same thing!  If you've seen some of my posts on MakeupGeek, then you know I love me some purple!!  haha...  Awhile back, I discovered teal and that began my love of blues and greens again.  I needed it though because I was seriously wearing out my purples lol.  So here is yesterday's look (and then I will you (haha) why I am in a makeup rut!!

In case you're's what I used:
Rocky Mountain Green NYX jumbo eye pencil as my base
MAC Ego-lid
MAC Club-outer v
MAC Carbon-inner outer v and to add some depth
MAC Woodwinked-crease
MAC Melon pigment-inner eye and to blend edges and highlight
MAC Orb to highlight my brows
Inglot #85 used wet under my lower lashes and Melon to blend that
MAC blacktrack for upper e/l and Feline for waterline
Lancome Hynose mascara and Maybelline The Falsies in Black Drama.
Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipgloss with Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner in Natural

Okay, so I've done this look way too much haha.  I've recently just added the Woodwinked and Melon, but I've paired Club and Carbon with several colors.
Here it is with Teal pigment, UD Flipside and NYX ultra pearl mania in turquoise:

And again with MAC Steamy, Club and Carbon

And again with MAC Teal pigment, Club and Carbon

And yet agaaaaain with MAC Odalisque, Club and Carbon

And with MAC Golden Olive pigment, Club and Carbon
Of course, all with a nude lip haha...  I really like this combo (obviously lol) but man, I need something NEW!  I just love MAC is my way of wearing "browns" because I just don't wear browns much.  I'm a color girl!! :)  So...what do you guys do when you're in a makeup rut like myself??  I seem to do the same thing, but with different (or in this combo the same haha) colors! 


  1. you're gorgeous and I love the looks you created with MAC Club. :)

    New follower here and I have to say that you have a lovely blog. Do check out mine sometime. xx

  2. @SaraH: Thank you so much! :) I'm following your blog now and thanks for being a new follower to mine!!
    @Charlotte: Thank you!

  3. All of those looks are fabulous!

  4. who cares about a rut, lol! if it looks amazing, which it does, run with it! i'm always in a rut, bronze, gold, brown lol :]

  5. @Duvessa: Thank you so much!!
    @MissMary: LOL...I guess you're right and thank you!

  6. Wow! So pretty (especially love the first one!)!! Good choice of a rut to be stuck in!

  7. That bottom pic is amazing! I have a few dupes for Club but rarely ever wear them, thanks for the ideas!

  8. beautiful! I love them all!

  9. Your so gorgous! all these looks are awsome, My fav is the first one

  10. You look beautiful in all of them!

  11. Gorgeous looks!! Those colors look great on you!! I've been stuck to my netrals, bronzes ,browns etc.. for some time now..I still havent used my teal ,club, my many purples that I have bought it's like I'm collecting mac for you that you love color!! I think I'm just scared of

  12. love it , the color is great , nice blog honey i m following you .

  13. Oh my goodness, this look? It totally kicks butt!

    Fierce Nerditude

  14. @Starryskies: Haha...thank you!!
    @Cydonian: Thank you so much!! You totally need to break out the Club dupes! I would love to see what you come up with!
    @Meme: Thank you!
    @Girtastic: Aww...thanks so much!!
    @Miranda: Thank you! :)
    @Bailey: Girl, don't you be afraid to try color!! You can always pair the color with a brown or bronze to tone it down. :)
    @beautycombat: Thank you for following me! I'm following you too :)
    @Vijiis: Thank you!!

  15. You look really gorgeous in the first photo, but I like all of them! Yeah I had to hide that brown Inglot shadow I was wearing so many days in a row lol. I would love to see you do a look with a bolder lippie sometime :)

  16. Thanks, Amalia! I love that you had to hide your brown Inglot shadow...I totally understand that lol. Thank you for telling me that you would like to see me with a bold lippie...I need to try new things and sometimes it's hard, so I will do it! I've really been wanting to.