Friday, April 29, 2011

Help! What are your favorite Inglot eyeshadows??

There's a buzz right now in the world of seems everyone is talking about it....many are buying it....INGLOT.  That's right....there's an Inglot craze going on!!!  =D  I purchased from Inglot as soon as their website went up in the USA.  I only ordered a few things (if you've been following know this haha) and I really wasn't SUPER impressed with my choices.  However, I really didn't know what to get!  I looked at the eyeshadows but I didn't know what to do....there wasn't much talk about Inglot yet.  Also, I was so confused at how to order a palette lol.  Well, now I know how....and I've been seeing all of these swatches and I'm getting a better idea of what I want to order....  I love my 5 pan palette that I won in Sonja's (the beautiful life of the girl next door) giveaway and I've used it everyday since I got it lol. 

So, my question those of you that now have Inglot eyeshadows....what are your favorites??  Which ones are "must haves" and which ones should I pass on?  I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say!!!


  1. omg I cant even begin to answer my faves, but I do not like 08 Shine.

  2. I've been thinking I should do a post about my favorites... let me see... well, obviously 372!!! And 371, 361, 384, 392, 379, 388, 376, 363, 351 (these are all matte colors), and pearl colors I like 395, 393, 419, and 407. I got one DS color and it's not a favorite. I think I've used it once. I don't love the AMC's either. For real, you need 372. No joke haha.

  3. @Amalia: Haha....answer NOT accepted!! I wanna see some numbers girl! =D
    @Starryskies: 372 is DEFINITELY on my list haha. I think a review or just a post of your favorites would be awesome!! And super helpful to those wanting to buy Inglot. ;)

  4. For me, its all the matte colors. Loooove them so much! have yet to try others so I'm interested in what everyone's suggestions are also. :)

  5. Get all the mattes..those r my favs! So far my favs r 371, 372, 376, 352, 06, 378, 435, 390, 441, 392, 414, 16, 478, 480 ok..umm...sorry if I went done looks with all those colors and have no complaints on them :D

  6. @Meme: I will get mattes for sure! :) Thanks!
    @Jess: Haha, nope didn't go overboard! This is really helpful! I appreciate it!! Thank you!

    Ahh you ladies are awesome...thanks for helping. I'm going to place my order in a few minutes! Aaaahhhh!!! =D