Monday, April 11, 2011

Japonesque, Real Techniques and Sonia Kashuk...3 brushes to LOVE!

I stopped at Ulta the other day because....well, just because haha.  I had been looking for a lipstick that I had seen, Rimmel Crush (which I found yaaaay).  I had also been wanting to find a new eyebrow brush.  I use the MAC 208 to fill in and apply my eyebrow powder and shadow, but I use a different brush for the wax/powder mix that I apply first to create my brows.  The brush that I'm using now (well up until I found the brush I'm about to tell you about haha) is an Anastasia angled eyebrow brush and I've honestly been using that kind for several years but I just wasn't really happy with the outcome.  I love, love, love my MAC 208 for filling in but I just don't like it for the "creating" part.  I need a stiff angled brush.  So, I was browsing the brushes, and I found what I was looking for by Japonesque...the only thing that kind of bummed me out was they only had it in the travel size.  I am so bad too...I am not scared to open the packs and see how the brushes feel lol.  I really liked the feel of this brush, it was stiff enough and thin enough to create precise lines...which I definitely need to create my brows...mine are just so sparse.  I figured I would try it out and if I really liked it, then I would search for the full size.  However, I didn't expect that I would fall in love with it!!  Haha...  I actually like that the brush is short!!  I feel like I have really good control....I'm super pleased with this brush!   Here's what it looks like!
It's so tiny!!!  Isn't it cute?!  =D  Here's what it looks like compared to the Anastasia and the MAC 208

So, if anyone is searching for this kind of brush....I highly recommend the Japonesque!  I LOVE it!!  It was only $10.50, which is worth every penny.  :)

I also came across the Real Techniques brushes.  They didn't have a ton to choose from and most that they had were in little sets or kits...and I didn't care for what they had to choose from.  One brush did catch my eye though.  The shading brush.

This brush was only $5.99!  It's my favorite color too.  :)  I actually like this brush more for my crease.  I have small eyes and this is a pretty good size and it blends really nicely.  I give it two thumbs up as well!  I want to try more of these brushes for sure.  I'm curious to see what their other brushes are like! 

My last little gem is the bent tip eyeliner brush by Sonia Kashuk!  This was $5.99 at Target...and I'm in love.  Haha....  I've been using either the MAC 209 or 266, a Sephora professional angled eyeliner brush and I think the other one is Urban something (I found it at TJ Maxx...and yes, I'm a maxxonista haha).  They worked fine but is 10x easier and faster with the bent tip eyeliner is AWESOME.

I never knew my winged liner could be so darn easy until this brush!  And what a fab price!  I definitely want extras of all of these brushes because I really love them all.  My eyeliner and eyebrows alone take half the time now and for me, that means ALOT!!  I'm a perfectionist...especially when it comes to my eyebrows and my "wings" haha.  Well, I guess that's it...I just wanted to share these with you guys!!  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

And this is me....after a long double today lol....


  1. I LOVE this post- awesome!!! my nars brow brush is uber-tiny why I love it so much. I love that SK bent e/l brush too! I agree, that blue brush would be great for the crease and its such a pretty brush!

  2. Thanks, Amalia!! I know that SK brush rocks!! =D

  3. :) I know it would take a lot of courage but maybe sometime you could do a before/after brow post and or tutorial! Even after a long shift your brows look fantastic!

  4. Agreed about the brow tutorial! I was wondering how those Real Techniques brushes are because I love Pixiwoo haha.

  5. @Amalia: Thank you!! I still find it shocking when people comment on my brows! They have been such a battle for me, my whole adult life. I think it's a great would have to be a photo tutorial though because I wouldn't even know where to start on vids haha.
    @Starryskies: Haha...I was curious when I found out about them on MUG, you should check them out!

  6. Ooh I'm after new brushes so thanks for giving me some ideas :)


  7. oh I just had to go back and read this again- I do love that Japonesque brush- looks like my ideal brow brush!!!

  8. @Amalia: It's awesome...I am so loving it!!