Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More green and gelish nailpolish :)

Wow!!  I just realized that I have had a blog for a month!!  It's my one month anniversary!  I just want to thank all of you that are following me!!  It means soo much to me!!  I should've been more I could do something fun, like a giveaway.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about it until now.  :(   I will think of something....hehe.  Thanks to all of my beautiful followers!!!!!

I loved my green look that I did so much the other day...I did it again today!  =D  I did a more "toned" down version of it today.  I guess by toned down...I mean no winged liner and I didn't use a dark shadow like I did last time.  I actually got so many compliments on this today!  I was surprised...I always wear my liner on top!  But I really liked the way it turned out and it didn't take me long at all....who knows, this could be my go to look if I'm running late haha.  Here's how it looked today!  (Please don't mind my frizzy hair was rainy and humid today!)

I know, I doesn't look THAT different lol.  But it sure FELT different to me today haha.
Today I used:
Lime NYX pencil
Melon pigment
Golden Olive Pigment
Inglot 384
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Jade
Inglot 395
MAC Humid

So...have you guys tried that "Gelish" nail polish?  It's supposed to last 2-3 weeks, without chipping!!  I love to have my nails painted...but it's so hard for me to keep up with!  My hands are in water too much.  It just doesn't last at all.  But I can paint my toes however I want and they will stay!!  haha.  Anyway, my daughter and I got the Gelish polish today!  It was so fun!!  I'm curious to see how long it will actually last on me!  I did a french boring.  Next time, I will get color for sure!  Kailey did this blue/purple color...I was calling it blurple hehe.

And here's a pic of the two of us together!!  We are standing....she is almost as tall as me and she is 11!!!

She is too cute.  Anyway....I hope everyone had a great day!!  I sure did!!  =D


  1. I think it looks great! It's nice because you can see the colors a bit more than with the liner. And I love how bright the color looks! I love your hair, I don't see any frizziness! And your daughter is so cute! It makes me sad because I know mine is going to be that big some day!

  2. Awwww she is so cute!! I love the green still, I love your outer v here! I must be living in a cave b/c I havent heard of Gelish polish- but I would probably die if I had the same nails for more than 5 days lol!!

  3. Hey girl, I just saw your comment on Jess' blog about ordering more Inglot and I wanted to let you know that their prices are going up really soon. Amalia told me that they're going up in the store I think Friday and they'll be going up online no later than May 3rd. And instead of them being $4.50 if you buy 10 or more, they're going to be $7. Just in case you want to save some money for the same exact thing!

  4. Looks great!! Love the colors!! Is that melon (inner)and golden olive(middle)?? Love it!! Thats a beautiful pic. of the two of you!! My daughter is almost as tall as me

  5. Umm.. ok. Cancel that last post haha. Amalia just sent me an e-mail and told me that they've decided to cancel their price increase (maybe due to uproar??? haha). Just wanted to let you know so you didn't rush for no reason! Haha do you think I could reply any more on this look? I'm sorry!

  6. very pretty! and so is your daughter! my daughter is 12 and shes almost as tall as me as well! lol! Its amazing how fast children grow!

  7. @Starryskies: Aww, thanks for letting me know!!! I appreciate you taking the time to do that! Don't be sorry lol. I think I'm going to order today! =D What are your favorites? Anddd omg, my daughter was just 4 yesterday!! Haha...they just grow so fast.
    @Amalia: Thank you!! Lol...yeah, we'll see how I do with the same nails for 2-3 weeks! I'm sure I'll get bored and try to paint over it haha.
    @Bailey: Thanks girl!! And yep, Melon and Golden Olive! =D
    @Meme: Thank you! I know!! They grow too fast!

  8. Nice eye makeup.
    Hey nothing boring about french manicures, they're just as nice as coloured polishes.