Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Starryskies inspired look! :)

Yesterday, Starryskies214 posted a beautiful (as her looks always are!!) look with her new Inglot eyeshadows and I new right away that I would most definitely steal this look haha...  So today, I decided to try and recreate it!!  I don't have the Inglot shadows, so I used what I had.  I was happy with how my version turned out...although I would be way happier if I had the same shadows because the blue shadow she used is to die for!!  ;)  Here's how my look turned out!

The products I used were:
Inglot eye pencil in #85 paired with NYX jumbo eye pencil in Electric Blue as base
MAC Odalisque-lid
MAC Espresso-crease
MAC Woodwinked above the crease
MAC Melon pigment for blending and some highlighting

I really like how this turned out...even though it does still seem quite similar to what I seem to do all the time haha!  Thanks for looking!!  Sorry this post is so short, I'm off to see my boyfriend play tonight :)  Have a good Saturday!!


  1. Haha when I saw starryskies version of this look I immediatly thought of you! Great look thought, Perfect recreation

  2. That blue is beautiful...makes your eyes stand out!

  3. I meant to ask....what color are you wearing on your lips? Its really nice!

  4. Actually I think it is different than what you usually do! I love Odalisque, its a great shadow, you look fantastic! Have a great time! :)

  5. Um, this is gorgeous! I love it (it makes me soo happy that you liked my look enough to try even though you don't have that color which seriously needs to be in everyone's makeup collection)! That color looks soooo beautiful against your eyes!

  6. looking gorgeous, the blue looks so good on you!!

  7. @Girtastic: Thank you :)
    @Meme: Thank you! The color is Rimmel's long lasting finish lipcolor in Crush (Thanks to Jess-Weighing down on beauty) and then I put NYX mega shine lipgloss in Perfect over it. :)
    @Amalia: Aww thank you! It was fun..I got a video, I'm going to upload it and share it with you guys!
    @Starryskies: Thank you so much!! I know I totally need that 372! I'm pretty sure this isn't the first look of yours that I've copied haha.
    @Ashii: Thank you!!

  8. This is really beautiful..u both do a fab job..:) Love u girls!!

  9. This is a such a gorgeous look. Love the turquoise on ur eyes!

  10. Such a pretty eye look! It really does look like the sky :)

  11. looking at your beautiful makeup makes me wish I had brown eyes too! these blue shades look gorgeous on you!
    Marusya V

  12. Love both of your versions of it! You two are so talented.

  13. @Musicalhouses: Thank you!
    @Marusya: Aww thanks so much! I've always wanted blue or green eyes haha.
    @Cydonian: Thank you soo much! You are too!!