Sunday, April 17, 2011

Smokey Blue/Black (aka smokey jazz bar-haha)

On Saturday, I was a guest bartender at a jazz lounge.  The band "Mint Condition" performed and there were two sold out shows.  I didn't think I knew who the band was, until I heard some of their songs.  They're an R&B group.  They really put on a great show and the people there had such a great time!  After each show, the band members sat at a table and did a quick meet and greet to sign CD's and take pictures.  I thought that was pretty cool.'s how my makeup turned out for the boyfriend named this "smokey jazz bar" lol.

I only had like 30 seconds before I had to rush out of the I really wasn't able to get a good pic of the look.  This was all I had time for lol.  I almost wiped this off and started over with different colors.  I decided to use black with the blue at the last minute and I had already put the blue base and lid color when I added the black e/s, it was hard to keep it from looking too purple or navy.  I had to mess with this a bit and it ended up taking me forever.  Does this happen to you guys??  :-/  I'm glad that I didn't wash it off and start over because it ended up looking good....not my favorite though...I would do a few things different next time I attempted this color combo lol.

Here's what I used:

Inglot jumbo eye pencil #85 and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Electric Blue-base
MAC Odalisque-lid
Sephora-swimming pool  no 37-middle lid and lower lashline
MAC Black Tied-crease
MAC Carbon-inner crease and outer v
MAC Electra-inner corners and to soften the black
MAC Gesso-browbone (didn't like, so I added a little UD uzi-which I hated even more, so I think I ended up adding something else but I can't remember lol)
MAC Peachykeen blush and Harmony contour, Pearl highlight
I wore covergirl l/s in Darling and then decided to put Viva Glam Gaga 2 l/s and l/g over it.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend! 


  1. This is so so pretty on you! When I was looking at the pictures I was actually thinking how good the highlight color on your browbone looks with the black and blue so it's funny that it was kind of an accident, definitely a good one!

  2. gorgeous!! Yes that happens a lot haha but this turned out really pretty!

  3. that Odalisque is just awesome on you!! I bet you got a lot of tips lol!

  4. beautiful! the combo looks great and I really like the lipstick combo, the look turned out to be really great :D

  5. Wow you got to see Mint Condition! You're so lucky and you look beautiful girlie!

  6. Gorgeous! That blue makes your brown eyes stand out!

  7. Aww, thanks guys!!! =D

    @Starryskies: I guess it was a good mistake then haha...
    @Amalia: Yep, it was a good night $ lol
    @Meme: They really put on an awesome show!! If you get a chance, definitely see them!!!