Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Revlon Colorstay vs MUFE HD foundation

It seems like the majority of women use liquid foundation.  I've just recently made the switch from mineral powder foundation (Bare Minerals-Matte) to liquid foundation.  This was a hard transition for me!  When I began using Bare Minerals, I didn't even wear foundation...only concealer and powder.  I fell in love with Bare made my skin glow and look flawless!!  It was an oily skin lover's dream when they introduced the Matte formula!!  When I googled "how to draw the perfect eyebrow" last summer, that's when I was introduced to makeup on youtube and that's how I came across MakeupGeek (my favorite makeup forum).  I've learned so much about the beauty likes and dislikes of other women and mainly one is foundation.  It's such a varying topic!  I was intrigued by liquid foundation.  I really wanted to try it...but the only time I had ever even worn it was when my mom's best friend did a makeover on me when she first started selling MaryKay.  I really hated the way it felt on my skin, it was as if I couldn't breathe.  However, I'm like 18 years older and my skin isn't so dewy anymore haha.  After several years, I wasn't happy with the Bare irritated my face and it settled into the lines that I now have on my face (lol) and this was even with a primer.  I was sick of swirling, tapping and buffing haha...  I went to Sephora and took the plunge into the world of liquid foundation!  Thankfully, Sephora gives out free samples or else I would have been doing return after retun haha.  I finally chose MUFE Mat Velvet +.  I liked it, but it didn't seem to match my skin.  I couldn't return it at this point because I had been using it for a couple of weeks   I heard a lot about Revlon Colorstay, so I decided to try it.  I chose Revlon Colorstay for combo/oily skin in #240 Medium Beige.  The smell alone is hard to smells like paint and chemicals.  It felt really heavy and "cakey" on my skin...but it seemed to cover pretty good and I could easily build coverage in areas I needed!  I wore it to work and after a couple of hours I looked like an oil was really quite disgusting, I couldn't wait to wash it off of my face.  It also settled into any wrinkle and pore that I have.  I was bummed...I mean, who doesn't want an inexpensive foundation that really works for them?!!  Now, I'm not saying that this foundation wouldn't be amazing for someone just didn't work for ME.  I wouldn't buy it again...but I would use it in emergencies if I needed to!  :)
Currently I use MUFE HD foundation in #125.  I really like this foundation....would I call it my "holy grail"? the moment, I would....however, there is one brand that I would still like to I'll update soon ;).  The MUFE HD foundation is pretty amazing.  I love the packaging...why they would make a liquid foundation without a pump is beyond me lol.  It doesn't feels light on my skin and it even brightens it.  I'm able to build coverage easily and it doesn't break me out.  I do need more concealer than I would use with the Mat Velvet or the Revlon....but it is my perfect match other than that.  I do get oily with this foundation after several hours, but it still looks flawless after blotting and reapplying some translucent powder. be prepared....your eyes may hurt after these pics....I'm about to share my naked face!!  Bahahaha....  Well, I guess it isn't really naked because I have foundation on lol. 
I'm naked to the world!!!  Aaaahhhh!  lol.  Ok, so maybe I'm not kidding!  ;)  Wow, do I look like a different person, huh?! the lighting isn't amazing in this pic but I have some discoloration and redness in pores definitley aren't nice and small lol...I have a bit of acne scarring and my skin just looks kind of dull.  Oh...and the obvious....terribly sparse eyebrows hahaaa (I overplucked when I was like 18, and they just never grew back).  So, here is a pic of me with one of the foundations on (I'm not going to say which one because I'm curious to see what you guys think hehe).
Here's the second pic
Sooo....what do you guys think?  Do you think the foundation looks better in the first pic or the second pic?  Can you tell which is which??


  1. I would say the 2nd pic. is your normal foundation and the first one is the colorstay. You do such an amazing job with your eyebrows!! I would have never thought your natural eyebrows were so thin!! So there is hope for

  2. Great post! Good to know about different foundations. I have an oily tzone to so I am constantly trying to read up and try different foundations to see if any will help me out! So for guessing Im a horrible guesser! lol but I will say revlon 1st mufe 2nd???

  3. well we came across MUG the exact same way!! I googled about the MUFE HD b/c it just did not look right on me, and I dont wear it anymore. I honestly cant tell from the pics, my guess is the first?? but me, I think I look like a baby without makeup. Dont take this wrong but you do your eye makeup beyond great b/c your eyes look huge with it!!

  4. I'm going with Amalia here and guessing that the first is your MUFE and the second is Colorstay. I love these kinds of things, I just get so impatient waiting to find out haha!

  5. I'm going to say the second is the looks a little heavier while the first pic looks more natural and matches very well. I'm curious to find out!

  6. Haha...thanks for all of your guesses ladies!! Bailey was right, the first one is the Colorstay and the 2nd is the MUFE HD! =D Hmmm...maybe I should switch to Colorstay haha.
    @Bailey: Thank you haha, yes there IS hope!
    @Amalia: Aww, thanks...and yes, I've heard that before lol. I look way different without makeup bahaha
    @Starryskies: I'm not patient with this stuff either lol