Monday, June 6, 2011

The ABC's of me....tag! (and a purple and green look)

I've seen this floating around and I think it's fun!  So, here's the ABC's of Dani!  =D

A. Age: 35
B. Bed size: King
C. Chore you hate: Scrubbing bathtubs....let me do anything else please!  haha
D. Day: Monday, June 6th
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee
F. Favorite color: Purple!!!
G. Gold or silver: Silver, white gold, platinum....just no gold, not for me ;)
H. Height: 5'4"
I. Instrument: I played the clarinet and piano
J. Job Title: Mother, student (as of next week!!) and bartender/server
K. Kids: 11 year old daughter, Kailey and two furry kids....a dog, Max and a cat, Leo
L. Live: Ohio
M. Mom's name: Jodi
N. Nicknames: Dani, Dani-girl, Sissy (my sister always calls me sissy or sis...she never calls me by my name lol), kiddo (my mom STILL calls me kiddo haha), my boyfriend calls me honey, love or babe, and of course....mama or mommy =D
O. Overnight hospital stays: I've only stayed when I had my daughter in 99...other than that though, I've had several with my daughter (in '00 for 5 days, 01' for 6 days, 08' for 5 days)
P. Pet peeve: Hmmm....  I dislike when people are rude, not using simple manners like "please" "thank you" and "you're welcome" and chewing your food with your mouth open (ewww).
Q. Quote from a movie: "Your little girlfriend gave me the STINKEYE in class yesterday" Juno...I love that movie!!
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 1 brother, 24 and 1 sister, 22.  I was 11 when my brother came along and 13 when my sister came along!  My sister and I are really, really close and always have been! 
T. Time you wake up: During the week, by 7am....and on weekends 9-10
U. Underwear: Um.....yeah.  haha....
V. Vegetable you dislike: I LOVE veggies!!  But I'm not crazy about all...
W. What makes you run late: Spending too much time on my makeup lol.  OR waiting on my daughter!!
X. X-rays you've had: Just routine dental x-rays, MRI for my knee when I tore my ACL, CAT Scans (for my headaches) and one on my wrist....I think that's it!
Y. ? (there wasn't anything there lol)
Z. Zoo: Love the zoo!!  I love animals!

There ya have it!!  =D    This was fun lol.... 

So, here is a look that I did Saturday!!

I definitely liked this look.  I got lots of compliments at work and my boyfriend really liked it too!  I feel bad even writing down my product list because as you all know, it's Inglot eyeshadow!!!  I seriously don't ever touch all of my other eyeshadow since getting my Inglot palettes.  All of those pretty MAC eyeshadows sit untouched lol.  I can't help it though!  Inglot eyeshadows are just SO much easier to work with and are way more pigmented.  I <3 them.  Okay, here's the product list anyway haha....

NYX Milk
Inglot eyeshadows:
414P-lid and lower lashline (this kinda looks teal...but it's's probably because I used a white base lol....but I find that the Inglot eyeshadows seem to work best with Milk for me.
445P-above crease and blended into the 392
74AMC-define crease
Wet n Wild liquid liner and Physicians Formula liquid liner
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon (eh, not liking this mascara)

On my face, MUFE HD foundation 125.  MAC Harmony-contour, MAC Peachykeen-blush and 395P for my highlight.  I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam V lipstick.  =D

Well, I hope you liked my ABC's and LOTD!!!  Anddd I hope that everyone has a fantastic day!!!


  1. I love those eye shadow colors together. I actually have similar colors to yours but never tried them together. I think you just inspired me :)

  2. Love it as always! I am also not a fan of Voluminous mascara, thought I was the only one!

  3. Oh I love this eye look! Very pretty! Also I love reading the ABC things, I like learning about people outside of makeup!

  4. your looks are always flawless! love it!

  5. Ok we need to make a deal... I'll clean your tub if you do my dishes?!?!?! I seen that Inglot came out with a 40 palette today and thought of you...

    Love the look!!! You are always so creative with colors...

  6. @Tiffany: Yay!! I would love to see your look too!!
    @Angie: Haha, me too!!! Thank you!
    @Cydonian: Thanks so much! I do too!
    @Mrs.Makeup: Thanks!!
    @prettyinpink: Thank you!
    @FoxyAries: Haha...okay, I'll do your dishes for sure!! I don't mind that at all, especially if you scrub my tub lol. I've been checking out the Inglot site today already haha. I'm so happy with what I have though, it's like the itch to buy isn't so bad anymore! ;) And Thank you!! :)

  7. I'm with you on the pet peeve of people not using simple manners, I find myself saying "thank you" and "you're welcome" to myself for the people who don't say it haha. I do love the look! Purple and green is always a winner!

  8. @Starryskies: Thanks girl!! I do the same thing!!!
    @Charlotte: Thanks!

  9. Love your ABCs girl! I'm honestly trippin on your age...35?! look sooo much younger! I'm really diggin the eyeshadow look too! Gorgeous!

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